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Philippine Program Against Child Labor (PPACL) Partners

Child labor is a huge problem to be tackled by one agency alone. The Philippine Program Against Child Labor is a multi-agency movement of government and social partners working hand-in-hand to reach the target of reducing child labor in the country.

If you are an individual with skills that you can put to a good use for the benefit of child laborers, email

Partner Categories

  • Academe
  • Schools and education practitioners have very important roles to play in the fight against child labor, especially in making sure children stay in school and not at work.

  • Advocacy Groups
  • Even informally-organized groups could help amplify our voice that says "No to Child Labor".

  • Employers' Organizations
  • Responsible private institutions team up to join the call to end child labor and are in fact strong advocates for child-labor free industries.

  • Workers' Organizations
  • With the collective bargaining power of the trade union and through its leadership, child labor could be effectively eradicated in the workplaces and in supply chain.

  • Government
  • 11 junGovernment agencies who are stakeholders to the PPACL.

  • International Organizations
  • Ever supportive, international organizations provide different kinds of assistance within their capacity.

  • Non-Government Organizations
  • Non-government organizations provide direct services to child laborers and their families.

  • Private Institutions